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October 13, 2020

Gordon Stott, one of our founders, weighs in on which Accessory Dwelling Unit is right for your lot and your needs.

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Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are a hot topic in cities and counties across America. In the past 8 years, short-term rental platforms like Airbnb have shown homeowners how to monetize additional units (granny flat/tinyhome/ADU). But the pandemic has changed how we live and work, and people now look to their yards not only as a source of extra rental income, but also as places to house extended family members, set up remote offices, and even conduct school. The approvals process for ADU’s in California has been streamlined as of January 2020 and, depending on local approvals, your Connect Home ADU can be ready for occupation in as little as 6 months. Connect Homes is working with cities like San Jose and Los Angeles to obtain over-the-counter 90 minute approval for ADU’s. It’s exciting time to be building small.

Connect Homes offers six different ADU’s to fulfil your needs, but which one is right for you?

For Small Spaces

If you’re looking for the most compact, simplest ADU solution Connect Homes currently offers, check out the Connect 1. The Connect 1 is a great 460sf one bedroom house that’s delivered in a single piece. It uses a slightly larger module – nearly 12’ wide and 40’ long, and there’s practically no installation required after the home is craned onto its foundation. Like with all Connect Homes, floor-to-ceiling glass can be deployed on nearly any exterior wall, making the bedroom, living room, or kitchen feel much larger.

For Independent Living

The Connect 2 is a 640sf one bedroom house built out of two 8’x40’ modules. At 16’x40’, it’s a slightly wider version of a Connect 1, giving you space for a dining table in front of the kitchen. This is our most popular ADU, and Connect Homes has installed over 10 Connect 2’s.

For Having Guests and Entertaining

At 960sf, the two bedroom, one bathroom Connect 3 starts to feel and function like a significantly larger house. It’s 24’x40’ and is the same basic layout as the bottom floor of a Connect 6T. (Both the Connect 6T and the Connect 3 have the same identical kitchen). The generous great room can be opened on three sides – and multi-slide door panels can go on two of these sides – connecting to site decks and creating a very spacious feeling. The efficient floor plan has nearly no hallway space, with 2/3’s of the floorplan given over to the great room.

For Maximizing Your Space

If you want the functionality of a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom house, we offer a 1200sf version of our Connect 4. By including an integrated covered deck, the Connect 4 shaves 80sf off the standard Connect 4 floorplan – with the footprint remaining 32’x40’. With a second bathroom, the Connect 4 is great for small families and for maximizing rental potential.

For those who are allowed to build up to a 1200sf ADU but who have limited backyard space, we can do a 1200sf version of our two story two bedroom, three bathroom Connect 4T. The footprint of this house ends up being about 16’x37.5’, and its small footprint squeezes into tight spaces. By being slightly under 40’, it can often fit on typical 50’ wide lots, even with the larger sideyard setbacks sometimes required on two story homes. This model has the public spaces on the first floor the bedrooms on the second.

For Meeting Multiple Needs

We also offer a combo carport (or garage) and ADU that’s a clever way to solve for both parking and Accessory Unit needs. This 21’x40’ structure is equally at home in front of or behind the main house. If added in front, the carport can double as an architecturally interesting shaded entryway/threshold to the main house beyond, as seen in our Model Home in Mar Vista. The 400sf studio/ADU makes a great, flexible space that works well as living or live/work space.

These smaller Connect Homes are just as gorgeous and functional as their larger counterparts and bring real value to your site. We’d love to discuss whether a Connect Home ADU makes sense for you. Let’s Connect!