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December 3, 2023

Learn what sets Connect Homes apart 

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When we founded Connect Homes back in 2012, we knew we wanted to create modern prefab homes that were as stunning as they were sturdy. As accessible as they were awe-inspiring. The embodiment of modern living. Our homes have all these qualities, thanks to three key design features:


The Connect Homes difference starts with the 40-foot steel frame that underlies each module. The frame is engineered to provide a high degree of structural integrity to your home. And as you’ll see, steel frames make it possible to create the other two best-loved design features of Connect Homes.


If you’re seeking a prefab home with large windows and plenty of natural light, you’ve found it. Our full-height glass connects indoor spaces to the outdoors and maximizes scenic views. 

Thanks to our robust steel frames, we’re able to install full-height glass windows and doors almost anywhere on the perimeter of the home. This would be hard to achieve using traditional wood-frame construction.

If you want the flexibility of a semi-custom floor plan and the ability to choose where windows are placed, check out our Design Series. Our standardized, more affordable Pro Series doesn’t have the option to customize features, but don’t worry—each Pro Series floor plan already has plenty of expansive windows.


By eliminating the walls that usually divide a kitchen, dining room and great room, our homes optimize light, connect living spaces, improve traffic flow, and make entertaining easier.

Again, it’s the steel frames that make our wide-open floor plans possible. No need for added support walls and posts that are required in traditional wood-frame construction. And there are no unsightly posts in the middle of an otherwise open room, like you might see in other open-concept homes. Connect Homes steel frames do all the work of supporting the structure from the sides, so there’s no need for interior posts.

For examples of open-concept living at its finest, see our Connect Five and Connect Six models.

Are you dreaming of a modern prefab home with large windows and open spaces? Let’s chat. We’d love to hear what you’re thinking and share some options! Email us at or schedule a free consultation.