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January 26, 2024
Celebrating the Rapid Expansion of Connect Homes with Our New Factory in Mesa, Arizona

Connect Homes Opens Their New Factory In Mesa, AZ

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Celebrating the Rapid Expansion of Connect Homes with Our New Factory in Mesa, Arizona

Today, Jan 22nd 2024, marks a significant milestone for Connect Homes as we officially open our new factory in Mesa, Arizona, just 90 days after announcing our plans. This rapid development is not just a testament to our commitment to growth but also a response to the increasing demand for prefab homes in the United States.

Prefab homes have emerged as a promising solution to the housing shortage crisis. The assembly line production of these homes significantly lowers costs, making housing more accessible and affordable. Our new Mesa facility, which is three times larger than our California factory, is set to produce about 5,000 square feet of housing per week. This expansion is crucial in addressing the acute housing shortage in California, Arizona, and across the country.

In an era where many manufacturers are moving production abroad, Connect Homes stands out by reinforcing its commitment to US manufacturing. Our decision to expand within the United States, specifically in Mesa, Arizona, underlines our dedication to contributing to the local economy and job market. The new factory will create over 90 jobs, offering opportunities in various positions and playing a vital role in the local community.

This commitment goes beyond just job creation. It's about being a part of the solution to the housing challenges faced by many Americans. By staying domestic, we ensure that we are closely aligned with the needs of our customers and the communities we serve.

The speed at which we announced and then opened our new factory in Mesa is a clear indication of our agility and desire for continuous growth. In less than three months, we have transformed our vision into reality, showcasing our ability to respond swiftly to market demands and opportunities.

This rapid development is not just about expanding our physical footprint; it's about our commitment to innovation and efficiency in the prefab housing sector. Our patented steel-frame modular system allows us to build architect-designed homes more quickly and affordably than traditional construction methods. The Mesa factory is set to be a cornerstone in fulfilling our promise to transform the way homes are built.

Connect Homes CEO Deborah Casper had this to say at the ribbon cutting:

“I couldn’t be more proud to stand here in front of you all as we open our factory here in Mesa, Arizona. We put ourselves under pressure to meet our opening date of early Q1 when we made this announcement in only Q4of 2023. The work from the team to find the space, source suppliers and recruit staff is astounding and a testament to everyone who works at Connect Homes.”

“This opening marks a new dawn for Connect Homes and the prefab home industry as we continue to grow, expand and develop our product and process to support the housing markets and our customers' needs.”

As we celebrate the opening of our new factory in Mesa, we are reminded of the journey we have embarked on since our inception in 2012.From delivering our first single-family home in 2013 to now opening our second factory, our journey has been driven by a commitment to providing elegant, affordable, and sustainable housing solutions.

We are excited to begin this new chapter in Mesa, Arizona, and look forward to continuing our mission of transforming the housing industry, one prefab home at a time.