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March 23, 2017

This is where the magic happens. We build 90% of your Connect Home in our local prefab factory in San Bernardino — installing everything from siding, roofing, doors, windows, cabinets, plumbing, appliances, fixtures and lights. Hello, cost savings.

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*Original article published in Dwell Magazine By Gwendolyn Horton | March 23, 2017


Architects Gordon Stott and Jared Levy are rethinking prefab living. Inspired by the shipping container network, they designed housing modules that can ship safely and deliver a complete home to any site, anywhere in the world. Note that these aren’t shipping containers, but rather housing modules that behave like containers during shipment. Once they’re on site, the modules are connected – hence the company’s name, Connect Homes – to create a beautiful, modern, green home.

“When we can deliver an attractive, comfortable home to people who wouldn’t be able to otherwise afford to hire an architect to create a dream home, it feels really rewarding,” says Gordon.

Before founding Connect Homes, Gordon and Jared worked together at Marmol Radziner Prefab. Frustrated by the industry-wide problems holding back the potential of prefab, they left to start their own firm. Two years later, they’d designed and patented a new solution.

To date, the Los Angeles-based company has built 11 homes and has another 41 in the works. Most are located on the West Coast, but with the shipping costs for this modular system being 90% less than standard prefab, the rest of the country is starting to notice Connect Homes. In a few months, they’ll deliver and install a home in Connecticut, their first in a cold climate. “It’s wearing a heavy winter coat under its siding and is tuned for the harsher environment, but other than that it’s just like the house we just installed in Santa Monica,” says Gordon.