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December 9, 2022

A platform for modern housing communities of 2-50 units

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LOS ANGELES – NOV 15, 2022 – CONNECT HOMES, an industry leader in modern, factory-built, premium modular, semi-custom single-family homes, today introduced the PRO PLATFORM for communities of 2-50 units.

Launched in 2013, CONNECT brought the efficiency and predictability of factory production to single-family homebuilding, offering homeowners premium, semi-custom homes in half the time and cost of traditional, custom stick-built. CONNECT is factory-built, delivered on-site, on time, and on budget. By delivering modules on-site 90% complete, CONNECT eliminates labor and supply chain uncertainties, simplifying site work to weeks vs. months.

With the PRO PLATFORM, CONNECT offers Developers the same efficiency and predictability, within a scalable development platform – from one home to an entire community. Key to PRO is a portfolio of curated home models, each engineered around a common core module that centralizes engineering and systems management, and reduces operating costs. The platform offers single-family detached, and multi-unit attached configurations, to serve a broad range of market needs. In all cases, architect-curated design choices and material selections offer proven homeowner appeal and predictable build costs.

“Our goal at CONNECT has been to make housing as simple as other factory-built products,” said Jared Levy, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at CONNECT HOMES. “The PRO PLATFORM creates a configurable toolkit that enables Developers to create a wide range of communities, from detached build-to-rent homes to three-story urban attached townhomes, all from a single product portfolio, and while getting to market sooner.”

By integrating features for connected, healthy, and sustainable living directly into the platform portfolio, CONNECT makes it easier for Developers to provide the premium experience end users seek while achieving consistent energy and operational savings across the entire project.

Modern Living
Renowned architects Jared Levy and Gordon Stott created CONNECT with the vision of making modern living accessible to more people. Every CONNECT home celebrates natural light, open spaces, and minimalist design to create a healthier, happier living environment. And the CONNECT process brings modern living to homeowners without the surprises and delays of traditional homebuilding, helping their dreams become reality.

“The PRO PLATFORM is a developer’s dream and embodies our vision to make modern living more accessible,” said Jared Levy. “PRO is the ultimate solution for building high quality, marketable communities for rent or sale and removes many of the uncertainties involved in today’s home and community building environment.”

Thus far, the platform has proven most attractive to experienced Developers creating signature properties, and upstart Developers leveraging the greater efficiency and predictability to enable projects that weren’t previously practical. And, with shorter development timelines, Developers seek to free up working capital more quickly through projects that cash-flow sooner. The high consistency and quality of a factory build are also proving attractive to build-to-rent investors who value the higher long-term value of the asset. In addition, the higher build standard of sprinklers, leak detection, and other maintenance/ management systems is attractive for the BTR Developer.

For Homeowners
Even with the efficiency of the original CONNECT semi-custom Homeowner Series, the dream of modern living remained out of reach for some homeowners. This new CONNECT housing platform makes that dream of modern living more accessible than ever before. Every model in the new portfolio features abundant light and open spaces that give the sense of well-being and health that define modern living. But, rather than semi-custom, this portfolio of models features architect-curated design and material selections, based on ten years of homeowner insights.

Add to this the precision quality and efficiency of factory production, and this platform elevates simplicity, efficiency, and accessible quality of modern living to a new level. While primarily for Developers and projects of 2-50 units, homeowners will be able to purchase single homes in the same efficient way, in the future.

To learn more about CONNECT HOMES and the new PRO PLATFORM, or to speak with a CONNECT representative, please visit CONNECT-HOMES.COM/developers.

CONNECT HOMES combines innovative architectural design, factory precision manufacturing, and on-site delivery and installation, to make the dream of modern living a reality. CONNECT HOMES was launched in 2013 by architects Jared Levy and Gordon Stott with a simple vision: to revolutionize the single-family home market by turning high-end custom residential architecture into a scalable product that makes modern living more accessible.